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Signatures and EVE-Files.com
EVE-Files has since the start provided special features for signatures - although in a limited way such features have only been turned on per request.

With the launch of EVE-Files v4 signature features have been added per default and lets anyone activate them with a simple click. This including rotating signatures.

In order to use provided signature features you will need a registered account.
What is a signature and how does rotation work?
Used mostly on forums around the internet, a small graphic showing your name or something to represent yourself or what you do. A rotating signature changes each time it loads making enabling you to use many different signatures without having to change your links.

Rotating signature
Example of a rotating signature (image will change with each refresh)
I have my account, what now?
In order to use your rotating signature you first have to specify which images should be used with the signature feature. In order to do that simply log on to your account and upload the signature images you wish to use then go back to your account home and find the files in the list.

Select (double-click the row) all the signatures you want to add to the rotation and click the Mark selected file(s) as signature(s)-button, the selected files will be added to your rotating signatures.

You can at any time view your signatures (use the show/hide option next to the signature count in your account home) as well add and remove signatures from rotation.

In order to remove signatures from rotation simply view the signature list and select the files you want to remove from rotation and press the Unmark-button.

NOTE: Adding and removing signatures from rotation does not physically add/remove files - it will only affect the rotation script.
What is my signature URL?
Finally the most important information, your signature URL. This is the URL you will use to show your different signatures around the internet.

The URL to use is http://eve-files.com/sig/USERNAME

Where USERNAME is replaced with the username you have. For example if your username is "abc123" your URL will be:


NOTE: As some forums do not allow signatures to be linked without a trailing extension, you may simply add any "filename" after your signature URL:


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